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Total Garcinia Cambogia – An introduction

Total Garcinia Cambogia is a weight loss product. This has Garcinia Cambogia fruit extract as its main ingredient. Which is also called “Miracle fruit” because of its working ability. This product claims to use all the natural ingredients in its formula. Total Garcinia Cambogia mainly works in 4 different ways to help in weight loss process. It helps to remove body fat and also protect your body from gaining weight again by blocking the fat cells. It contains and high amount of HCA which is a kind of acid and helps to increase the level of a specific hormone called serotonin in your body. By increasing the level of serotonin in body it makes you feel full for long time. It also keeps you away from emotional eating because of stress and anxiety by increasing the level of serotonin which also called “feel good” hormone. It becomes a barrier between you and your excess eating habits that’s why it reduces 25% of calorie intake. This product is available online for all United States.

Total Garcinia Cambogia –About Manufacturer

Total Garcinia Cambogia is basically made in USA. It’s been mentioned on its official site that Total Garcinia Cambogia manufactured in an FDA registered cGMP Certified Laboratory. The manufacturer claimed about the product that it will leave you 100% satisfy with results and contain 100% natural ingredients. The manufacturer claims that you do not need to take any special diet plan and do not have to do time taking tough exercises. Manufacturer calls it as fat burner and claims about its working even while watching TV which seems a little bit unrealistic but the offer of free bottle would be great source to check this out. As this product is made in USA that is why only available in all States of US. Manufacturer also provides the order Cancelation/refunds offer on the official site of Total Garcinia Cambogia.

 What are the main ingredients of Total Garcinia Cambogia?

Total Garcinia Cambogia is a formula of 100% natural ingredients.

Garcinia Cambogia extract: it’s a pumpkin like fruit which is originally found in southwest India and Indonesia. It also called “Malabar Tamarind”. That means Garcinia Cambogia is not a new thing for us. This fruit helps to weight loss.

HCA: HCA also called Hydroxycitric acid helps to lose weight. It basically works in two different ways. First it increases the level of hormone called serotonin which makes you feel good and bring you away from emotional eating habits. Secondly it helps to stop fat cells making process.

Chromium: Total Garcinia Cambogia has chromium in its components which helps the body to keep the blood sugar on moderate level which makes you feel full and stops your body from the cravings of sugar.

Calcium: Total Garcinia Cambogia contains calcium in it which helps to boost up energy level in body and also work as fat preventer.

Does HCA suitable for everyone?

Total Garcinia Cambogia contains 60% of HCA in it. HCA basically controls the fat making process by keeping down the enzyme called citrate lyase which is responsible for making fat cells. As Total Garcinia Cambogia claims about its 100% natural ingredients which makes it less harmful but still the amount of HCA present in Total Garcinia Cambogia is not suitable for everyone. It should be consumed by pregnant and breastfeeding ladies. It is also prohibited for diabetic patients.

Possible side effects while taking Total Garcinia Cambogia

Apparently here is low ratio of side effects in this product  but according to different researches there are some possible side effects with which Total Garcinia Cambogia can comes up if you are using some kind of any other medication. It can be harmful in different way according to the nature of other medicine you are taking along this. For example it would be harmful for you if you take it while using drugs for Asthma, Allergy medicines and Diabetes or for any other issues.

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