Keto Diet

Keto Diet Pills and Supplement Hurt Your Health and Waste

Keto Diet Pills and Supplement Hurt Your Health and Waste

Finally, I am putting all of my efforts in words which I experienced in past few months.

Being a school teacher I was having a same 6am to 4pm routine since July 2017. In the hassle of reaching school early and arriving home on time I don’t even realise when I put on extra 80kg of weight and transformed into Hulk from Miss Henry. I still remember the day when my colleague asked me that how many kids I have? And that time I realize that how it looks like to others. After that I was just searching for weight lose techniques and spend thousands of dollars on exercise machines, dietary supplements, Sona belts, and different types of green teas. Late night internet surfing and skipping meals make me look like more older with dark circles and fleshy body.

But one day magic happened and one of my friend told me about Keto Pills. After testing and using a bulk of products, my reaction was very cold but on her insist and because of comparatively less price I give it a try and ordered it online. Finally my order arrived within two days and started using it.

Before reading further, you can have a look at my before and after picture first. I am sure you can see and feel the magic on your own.

Let’s come back…..

What is Keto Pills?

You have also seen a lot of Keto products available online either on Amazon or other private websites doesn’t matter they are supplements, shake mix or capsules. But Keto pills are purely new in market and believe me it really works. If you look at the ingredients of Keto pills, you will notice a number of salts in it i.e. BHB salts. Basically if we see the composition of human body, we came to know that most of our body is consisting on salts and salts are those elements which are keeping our body and muscles stiff. Similarly, keto pills are a blend of BHB salts and other natural nutrients like magnesium, and sodium which once after eating get mixed with our blood and circulated within the whole body to work at each and every corner where fat is accumulated.

The ketones present in keto pills are exogenous ketones which are manufactured in laboratories, but same ketones are produced by our liver as well. So, the intake of these manufactured ketones fulfil the requirement of our body when they are not produced automatically inside the body.

How does Keto pills work?

Keto pills include BHB salts, magnesium and sodium, all of these are highly soluble and entered our blood vessels very quickly. Once entering the blood stream they travel to all body orangs, as ketones level in blood become higher because of them so they start reacting with fat molecules and increase the metabolism action.

In order to get quick and perfect desired results, I suggest you to take Keto pills with:

  • A bit of daily exercise routine
  • Intake of healthy diet like steamed vegetables, chicken and fish
  • Not to take too much other artificial salts and salt including products

If you doesn’t stop eating fast and unhealthy products, then don’t assume to have a dramatic change in your weight like mine within a couple of weeks.

Don’t forget that your body is still making its own ketones, secreted by different organs like liver, pancreas, stomach and kidney, so keep your diet balances, drink excess of water and have an adequate sleep of approximately up to 8 hours, not like mine i.e. just 6 hours.

Fat loss or Weight loss

First of all make it clear that either you are fat or over weighted? It’s really very important to understand the difference between fat and weight, and also that what do you really want to lose.

Let me help you in understanding this difference. I also though in the beginning that “Oh! Why I am getting over weighted day by day”, “Why my weight is increasing on hourly basis?”. As I told before, I consulted a lot of medicines, diet plans, and consultant even. Each person ask me the same question “Do you want to lose your weight or fat”? and my answer was same that “I don’t know, I just want to be slim again”.

One day, my GP opened this mystery box of difference between weight and fat. According to him weight can be of our bones, muscles, and other body organs which might increase with the passage of time as we grow. But fat is something extra which makes an extra layer beneath our outer skin and makes our body posture irregular (just like shown in my first picture). So, in order to get a healthy, sound and fit body we need to reduce our body fat not weight. When fat layer will go off from our internal organs as well then our weight will decrease also.

I hope now it’s clear for you as well…

How to take Keto pills?

Here it comes the main part of my fat loss journey, it’s like a gold mine which I am going to share with you. Other products I tried before had very tough intake routines like 30 minutes before breakfast, 30 minutes after breakfast, some at sharp 8am et.. But Keto pills are very easy to take. You just need to take two pills in a day, one after breakfast and second after dinner. There isn’t any time restriction, eating restriction or any before and after routine. Just have your breakfast and dinner and then take one pill with a glass of lukewarm water.


You can clearly notice all pros of keto pills from my above personal experience, like:

  • Maintain body’s required salt intake level
  • Fulfil body’s salt and minerals level when organs are not working properly
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No additional eating routine required
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to eat
  • Increase metabolism rate
  • Burn fat by activating natural process of metabolism
  • Easily soluble in blood and travel with it
  • No bad smell and taste
  • No need to eat like a meal
  • Small and tablet shaped to swallow easily


As far as I have used it, I haven’t seen any negative or side effects of keto pills. But I think it will not be much suitable for people with:

  • Blood pressure problem
  • Not good to take extra salt containing products with it
  • Bad memory, who forget to take it regularly without skipping any dose

Nothing else…..

How and where to buy?

The key information is mentioned in this section, as I know now you don’t want to waste a single more minute and want to buy it as soon as possible. So without wasting your more time, I am mentioning the link below from where you can buy Keto pills for just $30. The bottle contains total 60 pills, two for each day and a total 30 days course. So, it will cost $0.50 cents to you per keto pill.

I hope my fat loss journey will help you a lot as it helped me and now I can move within my colleagues with extreme high level of confidence, and you can also do so.

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